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Dharma Punk | August 2, 2010

Confession 1

I can’t do sitting meditation. I do walking meditation, smelling the roses meditation, and lying on the couch with one foot propped up meditation, which helps my sore knees. Today I have done all three.

Question–What are my goals for meditation?

This was the question I contemplated during lying on the couch with one foot propped up meditation, and I came up with several honest goals: a) I want to think up a short intervention I can use during an office visit to help my homeless patients learn to forgive themselves; b) I want to lose some weight; c) I want to stop screwing around with money, and thus get the IRS off my back before they hound me into an early grave, and d) I want to stop hating the IRS for hounding me to an early grave. After all, they are going to hell. Or they are going to be reincarnated as carion beetles.

Confession 2

I don’t understand half of what I read in the Shambala Sun. Why do these people insist on speaking in abstractions? I am not a fool, but a few concrete examples would be helpful. Exceptions are Noah Levine, the original Dharma Punk, and Pema Chodron. I understand and believe, my dears. You may be assured I am hard at work.

Question–Why would anyone need a gold ring into which the word Namaste is carved? I swear, can we become any more materialistic? Why do we need all the stuff? And why do I want a T-shirt with Dharma Punx written on the front?

Confession 3

When I am doing my favorite meditation- lying on the couch with one foot propped up meditation- I picture my body as part of a landscape- my knees are mountains, and my belly is a green valley, with river, and my head and arms are foothills. This is the most wonderful and delightful experience. Is meditation practice supposed to feel so good?

Question–if one of my goals is to lose weight, why did I just reward self with two small pecan tarts?


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